Community Campaigns

GreenPak continually undertakes initiatives in local communities to promote better recycling practices via education campaigns as well as raising money for worthy causes.
Crush and Win Campaign 

At GreenPak, we're offering you the chance to win €100 with our Crush & Win Campaign!

You can win €100 by following these three simple steps:

1. Write your phone number on the plastic bottle/container

2. Crush it!

3. Dispose of your bottle/container in the blue bin at any of our bring-in sites.
Here you can find a list of localities in which you can find these bins and their locations:

And just like that, you can be a winner!

For any questions regarding our 'Crush & Win' campaign, feel free to contact us by calling on 2166 1081.

Good luck!


'Irricikla u Irbah’ 

For many years, GreenPak has been running the ‘Irricikla u Irbah’- a recycle and reward campaign. 

Individuals observed using one of the many community recycling services provided by GreenPak, are randomly selected and awarded with a selection of consumer products kindly donated by GreenPak member companies. In April 2015, a Naxxar resident received the 3,000th ‘Irrickla u Irbah’ GreenPak reward. For photos of the winners please click here

All residents have a chance to win by using one of the many community recycling services provided by GreenPak.

Nirricikla Ghall-Istrina

Since 2011, GreenPak each year runs the Nirriċikla Għall-Istrina, a campaign linking recycling and charity for the common good. This has become a well-known nationwide campaign, and as the name of the campaign implies, the main aim of the campaign is to collect funds for Istrina.

Plastic caps are collected from various schools, local councils, companies & entities, and are sent for recycling. In return at the end of the year, GreenPak gives a donation to the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation through Istrina. In the year 2016 €20,000 were donated during Istrina!

Local Councils, companies and entities can register for this campaign by clicking here and sending the form by post.

Please click here for the list of of schools and other entities where you can take your plastic caps.

Positive Results

GreenPak keeps going from strength to strength and between 2014 and 2015 experienced an average increase of 20% in the total recyclable waste material collected. By entrusting GreenPak to provide their communities with better waste collection services, local councils are offering superior services to their residents and business communities to separate waste. Currently 42 local councils are collaborating with GreenPak covering 74% of the country’s population.

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