Local Council
Batree Collection
Battery Bins can be found at:
  • Local Council Office
  • St. Benedict College Mqabba Primary
  • C & G Hardware Store
  • St.Peter's Ironmongery
Packaging Collection
Bring-In Sites can be found in these streets:
  • Triq Ħal-Kirkop
  • Triq il-Belt Valletta
  • Triq il- Barrieri
  • Pjazza il-Ġublew tad-Djamanti
Recycling Waste Collection takes place as follows:
  • Green bag (Plastic, Paper/Cardboard & Metal): Every Tuesday at 08:30 am
  • Glass: Every first Friday of the month
  • Black bag is not collected on Tuesdays
More info. on the waste collection schedule can be downloaded from here.
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