Nirricikla Ghall-Istrina
Local Councils, companies, entities, bars & restaurants, can pay a registration fee which will be given as a donation to the MCCFF. Through this registration, Local Councils, companies and entities will be also competing against each other.
The Local Council / company / entity / bar / restaurant, that will collect the largest number of caps, will be given a Certificate by HE the President of Malta during a ceremony.
If you are interested, kindly fill in this form and send it to us by post together with the registration fee. The registration fee is as follows:
Clubs / Entities / Local Councils = €25
Small companies / bars = €50
Big Companies / Restaurants = €100
A receipt for your donation will be provided to you after Istrina.
Plastic caps will be collected from you for free, upon a minimum of 10 large bags.
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