Battery recycling -
What to do with your used batteries

 Everyone has a 'junk drawer' and in this drawer, you're bound to find a dead battery which you’ll decide to get rid of. Used batteries which are disposed of incorrectly can cause serious damage to the environment. Substances such as lead will contaminate the soil and waters, causing serious harm to our environment and our health.

Therefore batteries should be disposed of correctly and safely.

AA, AAA, Button, C, D, 6V, 9V, mobile phone and mixed batteries can be thrown away at one of our BATREE recycling bins. These special bins can be found at Local Councils, Schools, Supermarkets & various stationeries. There are hundreds of drop-off points all over Malta and a list of locations can be found here

Car batteries are lead-acid batteries and so, they obviously shouldn't go into your general waste bag or recycling bin. If you wish to dispose of a car battery, you should take it to a Civic Amenity Site or call your local council's bulky refuse service.

By recycling batteries and the materials they contain, a significant amount of material and energy can be saved.

For more information regarding battery disposal and other waste collection queries, visit our website or contact us at GreenPak by calling 2166 0233 or emailing

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