GreenPak carries out several educational campaigns to promote good recycling practices. The following campaigns are currently ongoing:
BATREE is a nationwide initiative for the recycling of used batteries. Used batteries can be dropped off at leading supermarkets, stationeries, schools and local councils across Malta and Gozo.
The following types of batteries are collected: 6V, D, C, AA, AAA, 9V and Button.
Vehicle and industrial batteries are NOT collected by the scheme.
Disposal of batteries in the black bag may incur a fine.
Nirricikla Ghall-Istrina
As the name of the campaign implies, Nirricikla Ghall-Istrina, the main aim of the campaign is to collect funds for Istrina. Plastic caps collected are sent for recycling and in return at the end of the year we give a donation to the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation through Istrina.
All you need to do is collect plastic caps! Below are examples of plastic caps being collected:
• Water plastic caps
• Soft drinks plastic caps
• Jerry can & detergent plastic caps
• Milk & juice carton plastic caps
• Any other plastic caps that do not have foil or cardboard underneath the cap itself
Companies, shops, bars, restaurants, hotels etc. can also participate in this campaign, by paying a registration fee which will be given to the MCCFF, and compete against other companies.
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