GreenPak launches its 6th edition of
“Nirricikla ghall-Istrina” campaign
GreenPak Coop Society has launched its 6th edition of the popular “Nirrickla ghall-Istrina” initiative. The campaign aims at collecting funds for the upcoming l-Istrina 2016 through gathering and recycling of plastic bottle caps. The highly anticipated initiative was officially launched at the St Benedict College Hal Ghaxaq Primary School in the presence of The President of Malta, Marie Louise Colerio Preca.
Building on the positive message conveyed by the President of Malta during the inauguration, GreenPak CEO Ing. Mario Schembri encouraged the young students to spread the message, inspire action and lead by example.
“The campaign’s main purpose is to drive up recycling in order to protect Malta’s natural environment. At the same time, the campaign doubles up as a charity fundraiser with GreenPak contributing directly to the Malta Community Chest Fund,” said Ing. Schembri, “The energy and passion with which the students get involved continues to inspire us, each and every time.”
During the 2015 campaign, GreenPak recycled over 11.5 million caps, weighing over 34.5 tonnes. The plastic caps were collected from 138 schools and 36 other entities such as local councils, scout groups, band clubs and other organisations. A donation of €17,000 was presented by GreenPak representatives during the airing of l-Istrina 2015.
“We want to highlight how great things can come from recycling unwanted plastic and hopefully motivate and encourage more people to recycle as well,” added Ing. Schembri.
Throughout the coming months, GreenPak’s educators, along with GreenPak’s mascot, Green Gary, will be visiting the participants explaining the scope of “Nirrickla ghall-Istrina” whilst helping instill an appreciation of the importance of recycling.
All participants will be provided with a Participation Certificate at the end of the 2016 campaign. Interested schools, organisations and private companies are being invited to register their participation by emailing . Subject of email should read “Nirricikla ghall-Istrina 2016”. Alternatively, one can call GreenPak Coop Society on tel: 2166 1081.
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