GreenPak renews pledge
to support Malta Journalism Awards
In a bid to encourage further awareness and education on environmental issues, GreenPak Coop Society is renewing its pledge to support the Malta Journalism Awards (IĠM) by sponsoring the Environmental Journalism category for the seventh consecutive year.
GreenPak Coop Society CEO Ing. Mario Schembri said: “We believe that the news media in Malta has an essential educational role to perform. GreenPak is carrying on its support for this award as we want to promote deeper and wider media coverage of environmental issues, which at the end of the day, have a more significant impact on the social and economic development in a country like Malta.”
“The Environmental Journalism award should serve as a beacon for present and future journalists to give due weight to environmental issues and fulfil their role in bringing to light stories that positively and negatively affect the Maltese environment,” added Ing Schembri.
IĠM Chairman Karl Wright said: “The IĠM established the environmental category in 2009 to give due recognition to journalists who employ environmental journalism to inform and educate their respective publics. Each submitted portfolio is examined mainly for its newsworthiness: timely work that adds to or encourages debate on current environmental issues; and for its impact that can positively affect or influence the community.”
The Malta Journalism Awards finalists for all categories will be announced on Monday 4th April 2016, while the award presentation ceremony will be held on Saturday 7th May 2016 at The Palace, Sliema.
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