A How-To Guide
Living an Eco-Friendlier Life
We’ve all been there: having piles and piles of rubbish, where we’re almost not even bothered to recycle, and simply want to chuck everything out the door! That said, however, it’s always good to know what goes into the recycling process. This is why here at GreenPak, we work tirelessly to raise awareness around households, so that every citizen can put into practice what we promote.
Door to Door Educational Campaigns

We frequently carry out door to door educational campaigns in different areas in Malta and Gozo, whereby we visit all households in the specific locality, advising residents about the waste collection timetable of the particular locality, and giving advice on better recycling practices.

Irriċikla u Irbaħ ma’ GreenPak

Having been running since October 2013, this campaign has been immensely successful, due to its incentive it gives to recyclers to continue recycling. Moreover, and perhaps more importantly, it even encourages non-recyclers to actually start recycling. Thanks to this campaign, households that recycle, are randomly being rewarded with a cloth bag packed with products our members would like to promote and advertise.
Recycling Tuesdays

In most of the Local Councils we collect recyclable waste every Tuesdays. Therefore, on Monday it’s good to make a memo of this day, so that you remember what Tuesdays are for in the recycling world.
Glass Collection Fridays
Every first Friday of the month, we make it a point to collect glass from the majority of the Local Councils. Thus, the day before, be sure to make a memo, so before heading out to work or taking your kids to school, you’ll make sure to leave your glass bottles out, ready for recycling.
At GreenPak,we passionately believe in educating households about being eco-friendly. Why? Mainly because we think it’s good to instill such habits – whether you are young or old. For more information about how to recycle and the many benefits our environment can reap, click here.
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