Nirricikla Ghall-Istrina
About Nirricikla Ghall-Istrina
Since 2011, GreenPak each year runs the Nirricikla Ghall-Istrina, a campaign linking recycling and charity for the common good. This has become a well-known nationwide campaign, and as the name of the campaign implies, the main aim of the campaign is to collect funds for Istrina.
Plastic caps are collected from various schools, local councils, companies & entities, and are sent for recycling. In return at the end of the year, GreenPak gives a donation to the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation through Istrina. In the year 2018 €21,000 were donated during Istrina!
Here are examples of plastic caps being collected:
• Water bottles plastic caps
• Soft drink bottles plastic caps
• Jerry can & detergent plastic caps
• Milk & juice carton plastic caps
• Any other type of plastic cap that does not have foil or cardboard underneath the cap itself
Local Councils, companies, entities, bars & restaurants, can pay a registration fee which will be given as a donation to the MCCFF. Through this registration, Local Councils, companies and entities will be also competing against each other.
The Local Council / company / entity / bar / restaurant, that will collect the largest number of caps, will be given a Certificate by HE the President of Malta during a ceremony.
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