GreenPak’s ‘Nirricikla ghall-Istrina’
now includes businesses

GreenPak’s popular ‘Nirricikla għall-Istrina’ campaign is inviting the business community and social organisations to actively be part of this national charity initiative. The extension of the recycling-charity campaign was officially launched at San Anton Palace, Ħ’Attard, in the presence of The President of Malta, Marie Louise Coleiro Preca and the Minister for Sustainable Development, the Environment and Climate Change, José Herrera.

During her address, GreenPak’s Senior Manager Ms Denise Brincat said that the campaign is now calling for private companies and social establishments to extend their recycling responsibilities and to urge their clients and patrons to collect plastic caps for l-Istrina at their premises.

When asked about the slogan of the campaign ‘Kull tapp jgħodd’ (every cap counts), Brincat explained: “Every plastic cap being recycled by GreenPak means one less cap being deposited in Malta’s landfills. On top of that, it also means a bigger contribution towards l-Istrina charity fund. We know that the business community in Malta wants to do the right thing, and we want to give them easy ways how to do that. By focusing on commonly used products and providing a sustainable means to ensure that it is recycled, we are hoping to help continue inspire a recycling mentality.”

Participation is open to all companies, bars, clubs and restaurants. GreenPak is distributing leaflets containing information about the campaign. Interested companies and establishments can apply using the leaflet. Donations vary from €25 to €100. All proceeds collected will go straight to the Malta Community Chest Fund.

GreenPak is providing organisations with sacks to collect the plastic caps and is providing collection services. The public is encouraged to support these organisations which will be identified by an official GreenPak ‘Nirriċikla għall-Istrina’ sticker affixed at their premises, indicating that the establishment is participating in the campaign and accepting plastic caps from the public.

The company or establishment that collects the highest amount of plastic caps will be presented a trophy by The President of Malta, Marie Louise Coleiro Preca.

Water plastic bottle caps, soft drink plastic bottle caps, jerry can plastic bottle caps and other plastic caps which do not have cardboard or foil underneath are all accepted.

In the past months, GreenPak’s educators, along with GreenPak’s mascot, Green Gary, visited various schools explaining the scope of “Nirriċkla għall-Istrina” whilst helping instill an appreciation of the importance of recycling. All participants will be provided with a Participation Certificate at the end of the 2016 campaign.

Interested companies, bars, restaurants and clubs are being invited to register their participation by emailing Subject of email should read “Nirriċikla għall-Istrina 2016”. Alternatively, one can call GreenPak Coop Society on tel: 2166 1081, or visit for more information.

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