Recycling in the Workplace
Tips to Recycle at Work
As discussed in our previous blog, recycling practices can be extended beyond our domestic environment. This is why we’ve decided to provide you with some further tips on ways we can recycle within the workplace. By extending our domestic recycling practices to the office, we can ensure that we’re contributing to the greater good for the environment. That’s why the below tips should be considered when purchasing equipment for your business.
Collect plastic caps
Whether your company chooses to drink from bottled water or dispensers, try to encourage your employees or colleagues to collect all the plastic caps. We collect plastic caps from various companies and entities, which we prepare and send for recycling.
Every year, GreenPak runs the Nirriċikla Għall-Istrina which has become a well-known nationwide campaign. As the name implies, the main goal is to collect funds for Istrina. By linking recycling and charity for the common good. We give a donation to the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation through Istrina. Last year alone, €20,000 was donated!

Remember to crush bottles
It’s important to crush all your office’s plastic bottles and dispose of them suitably. The more we crush, the more we can recycle. Unless they’re crushed, empty plastic bottles take up a massive amount of space in a bin, and if not recycled, they can be harmful to the environment. Crushing and then disposing of them in recycling bags or bins saves space, making it a more manageable task for our country to recycle a more bottles.
Flatten Cartons and Cardboard Boxes
Similarly, we should encourage our colleagues to apply the same rule when it comes to cartons and cardboard boxes. If there are empty cartons lying around, try to squash or fold them to make the most of space in the waste bin. As for cardboard boxes, unless you find another use for them, dispose of them in a way that can capitalize on space in the garbage bag.
Dispose of batteries responsibly
Why not start an initiative in the workplace, where you have a special plastic box labelled ‘Battery Collection’? Once it’s full, you or one of your workmates (perhaps you can take it in turns?) can drop off your used batteries for recycling in the hundreds of BATREE recycling bins found at leading supermarkets, stationeries, schools and local councils across Malta and Gozo. Always remember that the types of batteries collected by the scheme: AA, AAA, Button, C, D, 6V, 9V & mixed batteries.

Keep in mind our refunds on packaging
In collaboration with U-Recycle, GreenPak is excited to be part of a fantastic initiative to help member companies earn money and reduce costs through a Store Packaging Reclaim. To find out more about this incentive, click here.
Every little thing adds up when it comes to minimising or reducing office waste. If you’d like to find out even more ways to recycle, visit our site for regular updates or contact us for more information.
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