Recycling in the Workplace
Tips to Recycle at Work
With the rising threat of global warming, it’s pretty obvious that as contributors to the carbon footprint we all need to clean up our act quite a bit. Much has been said about how to go about doing this at home, but what about the workplace environment? The way we go about our daily habits at work can make a huge impact on the environment.
That’s why we’ve come up with a few recycling tips that can be implemented during your office hours. Whether large or small, nearly every office relies on large quantities of paper. That said, reducing the amount of paper and printing products used is pretty doable, below is a list of ways we can put this theory into practice.
1. Use both sides of paper – when making copies, set your machine to use both sides of paper, this cuts consumption by half.
2. Shred and reuse unwanted paper – instead of throwing away old documents, shred them and reuse them as packing material in shipments.
3. Reuse boxes – when you get shipments in, save your boxes so that you can use them again for shipments out.
4. Offer paper recycling – put a paper recycling bin next to every printer, copier and fax machine so that employees can deposit unwanted paper in them. Also, why not discuss recycling with your cleaning crew, to better ensure the system is being effectively implemented?
5. Avoid colour printing – colour printing generally uses more ink, which translates to more waste – so print in black and white when you can.
6. Adjust your printing settings – to save on paper, condense your margin settings so that your printer uses less sheets. To save on ink, print in draft mode. It will generally lighten the shade, but you’ll still be able to read your copy clearly.
7. Distribute memos via email – instead of printing them out, email them and let employees decide whether or not they wish to print them.
8. Store manuals, policies and other documents online – Avoid printing out huge employee handbooks. Allow employees to access PDF copies at their leisure.
We’d like to think that every little helps when it comes to promote recycling. If everyone does their part to contribute to better recycling practices, then perhaps it can be incorporated to both our domestic as well as work life.
Our team at GreenPak are always finding ways to promote recycling in our daily lives. To find out more about out endeavours, click here.
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