Recycling Tips
Tips and advice on how to better recycle

Did you know....? 

  • Around 75% of our waste can be recycled 
  • Less material goes to the landfill when one recycles
  • There is no limit to the amount of times aluminium can be recycled
  • Recycling 1 tonne (1000 kilos) of paper saves 17 trees
Recycle the right way
There are two main ways of recycling, you can use the green recycling bag or the bring-in sites found in your area.
Place paper, cardboard, plastic and metal used packaging together in the green bag or separately in one of the many bring-in sites. Put clean and empty milk cartons or juice packets in the green bag or in the paper/cardboard white bin at the closest bring-in site.
Deposit empty and clean glass containers in the brown bin at the closest bring-in site or use the monthly door-to-door collection service operated by GreenPak. Check out the next collection service in your locality.
Do not place any glass in the green bag.
GreenPak recycles only glass bottles and jars. Other types of glass such as plates, drinking glasses and glass windows are accepted by Wasteserve at any of their civic amenity sites 
Learn more about the collection times and location of bring-in sites in your locality here
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