Reducing your Carbon Footprint
How to Reduce your Carbon Footprint
As people are becoming increasingly aware of how their day-to-day activities have an effect on the planet, there is a huge emphasis on reducing this effect and impact. There's a huge amount of simple, easy ways that you can work to reduce your impact on the environment.
1. Opt out of junk mail

By decreasing the amount of junk mail you receive, not only are you helping the environment, but you'll be also reducing clutter around your home. In order to reduce this junk mail, simply put a sticker on your letterbox stating you'd rather not receive junk mail or if you're subscribed to any newsletters, unsubscribe from them or opt for email newsletters instead.
2. Buy less

Buying less is the best solution to the environmental issue of waste. By reducing what you own and only keeping what you actually use, you will learn to buy less in the future. However, whenever you go to buy a product, try to make sure that the money you're spending is supporting environmentally friendly businesses or local markets. Also, make it a habit to buy used items when possible.
3. Unplug

Make it a habit to unplug any appliances and electronics that aren't in use. They use up energy when they don't need to be plugged in. Items such as phone and laptop chargers, lamps, kitchen appliances, or TV sets should be unplugged when not in use.
By practicing these simple habits regularly, you'll make a difference by reducing your carbon footprint and your effect on the environment.
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