Recycling Glass
4 Tips When Recycling Glass
Glass is one of the few materials that can be recycled multiple times with little to no effect on their strength and quality. This is a huge plus because glass is everywhere. The likelihood is that there is glass in your peripheral vision right now.
Whilst it is 100% recyclable, unfortunately, it isn't recycled as much as we should hope. So here are 4 tips to keep in mind if you wish to recycle glass more.
1. Dispose correctly
Although broken glass can be recycled into fibreglass or tile, it might not be recycled to its previous state. For example, when you recycle a broken bottle, the resulting glass will probably not be made into a new glass bottle. It’s best to maintain the quality of the recycled glass as much as possible. It’s also safer for your handler if he/she can avoid handling broken glass.
When using the door-to-door collection service, glass must be placed in a paper bag or a cardboard box. This ensures a simple collection and protects our staff from any hazardous, broken pieces of glass.
2. Keep them separated
The glass used for windows, mirrors and so on, is treated differently to container glass. Therefore, it would be smart to separate the two variations. Only glass bottles and jars can be recycled through the door-to-door collection service and bring-in sites. Glass used for windows, plates, drinking glasses should be delivered to a Civic Amenity Site.
3. Keep it clean
We at GreenPak ask that you clean your glass before recycling it. If the glass has residue – such as sugar, it becomes sticky and can attract insects. The same applies to other glass containers used for food and beverages. Although glass is typically cleaned during the recycling process, cleaning on your end makes for a more seamless recycling experience.
4. Be patient
Glass weighs more and isn’t as flexible as other waste items. Since glass collection doesn't happen as often as other waste collection, storing and recycling glass can be more difficult and, possibly, more costly. Despite this, recycling glass is a worthwhile endeavour, as it saves energy and reduces the consumption of raw materials. That being said, if you really can’t wait that long, glass can also be disposed of at one of our bring-in sites.
For any further information and advice on how to recycle glass and other materials, feel free to contact us at GreenPak.
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