Tips and Tricks
Recycling at Home
GreenPak has decided to come up with some practical and more importantly, simple tips to improve recycling at home:
- Flatten your cardboard boxes and milk cartons – this maximizes the recycling bag space.
- Remember, all your plastic bottles can be recycled, from mouthwash to salad dressing – so crush them all in your recycling bag!
- Keep in mind, that it’s more than just newspapers you can recycle. You can recycle your envelopes, wrapping paper, birthday cards and even phone books! All types of cardboard can also be recycled, even toilet roll tubes and drinks cartons.
- Even most metallic items are also recyclable – and not just cans and tins. You can also recycle, kitchen foil and empty aerosols.
- Keep a bag or a space in a cupboard in the kitchen for storing the recycling as you go along. After all, this makes for easier waste organisation when taking rubbish to the recycling bins.
- On your way to school, supermarket or work, stop off at a bring-in site and drop your recycling. This allows you to include recycling into your lifestyle easily.
- Whenever you’re unsure about what can be recycled, check out our website for more information.
- Be sure to check the dates of what garbage bags go out on which days. Why not jot it down on your kitchen notice board, or by sticking a post-it on the fridge?
- Empty your recycling storage point regularly to avoid overflowing.

While some of these tips might appear to be common sense and normal practice, remember that not everyone puts these theories into practice and ultimately one small change can make a massive difference for the environment.

So let’s all try to do a little and give back to the environment. For more information and tips to adopt a greener and eco-friendlier lifestyle, be sure to click here.
Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the second segment of this blog!

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