Crush & Win Campaign

At GreenPak, we're offering you the chance to win €500 with our Crush & Win Campaign! The primary objective of the Crush and Win campaign is to target littering and reduce the amount of waste irresponsibly discarded in our environment and oceans. If not recycled, waste can cause large amounts of damage to the environment.

Crushing your recyclables helps to reduce valuable space in your recycling bags.

One may take part in this campaign simply by writing their telephone number on a plastic, metal or cardboard item, crush all items, place in GreenPak’s green recycling bag and dispose of the bag on recycling day.

Once a month, lucky winners shall wiin 500 + many other prizes!

Step 1. Write your phone number on any cardboard, metal or plastic container.

Step 2 : Crush all items!

Step 3: Place all items in GreenPak’s green recycling bag and dispose of bag on a recycling day.

For any questions regarding our 'Crush & Win' campaign, feel free to contact us by calling on

2166 1081.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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