Local Council
iBiNs - Recycle anytime, anywhere
The revolutionary iBiNs are able to identify in real time how full they are. When the bins are full a signal will be sent to a central data centre advising that the bin has to be emptied.
iBiNs in Zabbar can be found in these streets:
  • Triq il-Fraxxnu
  • Triq il-Pellegrinagg tar-Roti
  • Triq Mons. Sidor Formosa
  • Triq il-Farfett tal-Fejgel
  • Triq Sant Antnin
  • Misrah Alofju Wignacourt
  • Triq il-Bikri
  • Triq San Guzepp
  • Misrah is-Sliem (Glass only)
Door to Door Schedule:
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