About Us
The GreenPak Cooperative
Businesses trading in Malta are by law required to recover and recycle the resulting packaging waste, waste electrical goods and batteries. GreenPak provides legal compliance to all such organisations.
Established in 2004, GreenPak is the pioneer of post-consumer waste recovery in Malta. In 2010 GreenPak became a Cooperative Society Limited owned by the very companies using GreenPak’s compliance services.
The GreenPak Cooperative Society is stronger because of its wider shareholding base with members enjoying more benefits.
Being a shareholder of GreenPak means: 
• Sharing in the profits of GreenPak
• Paying lower company taxes
• Smooth transfer of accumulated profits
• Direct control on the operations of the Scheme
With over 1,200 members, GreenPak remains the most trusted waste recovery scheme in Malta. Find out more by contacting us directly on tel. 21660233 or e-mail info@greenpak.com.mt

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