About the ‘Batteries for Hospice’ campaign

GreenPak is giving out donations to Hospice Malta for every battery collected, through the Batteries for Hospice campaign.

This campaign is all about linking two common goods – driving environmental awareness by recycling batteries, whilst also helping charitable organisations such as Hospice Malta.

Recycle Batteries, Help Hospice!


Here’s how you can help

Dispose of your used batteries at one of the 900 Batteries for Hospice battery bins spread around Malta and Gozo found at :

Ø Schools
Ø Stationeries
Ø Local Councils
Ø Supermarkets
Ø Post offices
Ø Mobile and internet providing outlets
Ø Health Centres
Ø Civic Amenity Sites
Ø Local Banks
Ø Hardware Stores
Ø Computer Stores


Recycle Batteries, Help Hospice!


What you SHOULD and SHOULD NOT place in the battery bins

You SHOULD place the following type of batteries in the battery bins:

  • Ø AAA batteries
  • Ø AA batteries
  • Ø Button cells
  • Ø C, D batteries
  • Ø 6 volts batteries
  • Ø 8 volts batteries
  • Ø Other batteries used in the household.


You SHOULD NOT place the following items in the battery bins :

    × E-cigarettes
    × gas lighters
    × tissues
    × fiscal receipts
    × bulbs or other electrical items

Recycle Batteries, Help Hospice!


Batteries for Hospice Schools competition

Schools are also giving out a helping hand by collecting batteries through the Batteries for Hospice Schools competition.

Over 100 schools are already participating in this initiative with the aim of increasing the collection and recycling of spent batteries, whilst at the same time supporting Hospice Malta in its mission to deliver the highest standards in palliative care to its patients.

In addition, the school which collects the largest amount of batteries by the end of the scholastic year, will get a fabulous prize!

Do you wish to include your school in this initiative?

Simply drop us an email at

Recycle Batteries, Help Hospice!


Batteries for Hospice at your workplace

Over 500 businesses are already participating in the Batteries for Hospice campaign!

As an employer or an employee, you too can make a difference at your workplace.

Simply place a battery container in the common areas at your workplace and encourage your colleagues to bring their used batteries at work.  
You may download and use the campaign poster found here.

GreenPak shall gladly promote your initiative on its social media pages and will collect the batteries for free!

Interested to learn more? Drop us an email at

Recycle Batteries, Help Hospice!


Free Battery Collection

Do you have a considerable amount of batteries to be disposed of?

Send us an email at and we will gladly collect your batteries for free!


Contact us 
For more information on the Batteries for Hospice campaign, follow us :

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or email us at
Recycle Batteries, Help Hospice!
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