Greenpak has introduced an initiative aimed at increasing the recycling of batteries whilst at the same time helping those in need. GreenPak will be gathering funds for Hospice when recycling batteries. This campaign links two common goods –recycling and charity.
Hospice Malta is a voluntary organisation aimed at providing and promoting the highest standards of Palliative care for persons with cancer, motor neuron disease, end of life respiratory, cardiac, renal, and liver disease. It also aims to help and support their families.
If you have any batteries lying around your home or office, think about how you can support this good cause as well as help the environment. All you need to do is drop off your batteries in one of GreenPak’s battery bins which are located at leading supermarkets, stationeries, local councils, and schools. View the full list of collection points where you can take your used batteries here. The following are the types of batteries that can be placed in the bins: AA, AAA, Button, C, D, 6V, 9V & mixed batteries.
GreenPak is constantly encouraging the public to recycle batteries safely and responsibly. If one throws away batteries in the black bins, for example, several damages to the environment can occur. Harmful substances such as heavy metals will be released which will contaminate the soil, underground, or surface waters. Heavy metals in batteries can also have harmful effects on human health such as causing burns and dangers to our eyes and skin.
Over 2 million batteries are imported to the Maltese Islands each year. Just think about how many devices in our homes use batteries and how many of these can be recycled. Items like wall clocks, smoke alarms, flashlights, toys, remote controls, game controllers, wireless computer mouse & keyboards, to name a few. Every battery counts, let's put in that extra effort all for a good cause and our environment.
Batteries are collected under the Batree Scheme, another initiative by GreenPak.

You may access the Facebook Page 'Batteries for Hospice' from here
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