Become a Shareholder

GreenPak Cooperative Society provides that any individual or company signed up with the scheme can also be a shareholder with equal rights and the same voting powers as any other shareholder. A Coop operates on the principle of one share, one vote - equal rights.
Therefore, any individual or a company who is subject to the obligations of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulations can become a shareholder in the GreenPak Coop Society.
The principal benefits for becoming a shareholder in the GreenPak Cooperative are as follows:
   1. GreenPak becomes truly your organisation, rather than ours, and you will become one of the owners, not just a client; 
   2. As one of the Cooperative owners, you will, via a system of representation through an Executive Council    (broadly along the lines of a Board of Directors) have a seat at the table and be able to participate in the decision-making processes;
   3. Every year, a Committee is elected by the members to oversee the management and operations
   4. Strategy, direction and budgets are set by the Committee
   5. As one of the Cooperative owners, and subject to the Cooperative’s approval, you will be able to receive a share    of any surplus of income over expenditure (patronage refund) in a much more direct and accountable manner;
The only requirements needed to become a shareholder in the GreenPak Cooperative are the following:
   a. Fill in the Shareholding Request Form here, and send it to us by post or by email;
   b. The company’s ‘Memorandum & Articles of Association’, has to be revised to include in the company’s objectives that it is to become a shareholder of the GreenPak Co-op Society Ltd.;
   c. You, as the person representing the company, must be a director or a majority shareholder (according to last sentence, 2nd para, Clause 4.3 in the Statute).
   d. A one-time fee of €50 needs to be paid for the share. This is refunded upon termination.
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