The Model Shop collects batteries
in aid of Hospice
GreenPak is pleased to announce that you can conveniently recycle your used batteries at all The Model Shop outlets across Malta and Gozo. As part of our ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability, we partner with various businesses to make recycling accessible to everyone. This initiative not only aids in proper waste management but also supports Hospice Malta.

The Model Shop Battery Recycling Points

To make it easier for everyone to participate in recycling, You can now drop off your batteries at all of The Model Shop outlets, which include, Iklin, Paola, Luqa, Zejtun, Ibrag, St.Paul’s Bay, Bay Street, The Plaza and Gozo.

The next time you visit one of The Model Shop outlets, make sure to dispose of all of your batteries in the allocated bins and directly support Hospice Malta.

Why Recycling Batteries Matters?

Batteries are composed of various metals and chemicals that can be harmful if not disposed of properly. Recycling batteries not only prevents this hazardous waste from ending up in landfills but also recovers valuable and natural materials that can be reused, such as: Metals like lead, cadmium, zinc, and manganese; Plastic; and other non-metallic substances.

Environmental and Community Benefits

By properly disposing of your used batteries you help to reduce the release of harmful chemicals into our local environment, conserving precious natural resources by reducing the need for raw material extraction. This practice minimises the amount of waste going to our local landfills, thereby supporting overall community health, but it also plays a crucial role in aiding Hospice Malta. The funds generated from recycling these materials help provide essential care to patients with life-limiting conditions, making each battery you recycle part of a larger effort to enhance well-being across Malta and Gozo.

It's easy to recycle batteries whilst teaching children why it’s important!

Make recycling a seamless part of your family’s routine by setting up a dedicated spot in your home for collecting used batteries from toys, remotes, and other battery-operated objects. This simple setup encourages everyone, especially children, to participate actively in recycling efforts. Once the collection spot is full, take the opportunity to visit The Model Shop together. You can either guide your child to dispose of the batteries into the designated bins themselves or do it together. This not only makes the process easy but also turns it into a practical learning experience, demonstrating the importance of responsible recycling firsthand.

This initiative is GreenPak’s dedication to promoting recycling and supporting worthwhile causes like Hospice Malta. We are grateful for your participation in this important environmental effort. By choosing to recycle your batteries, you are taking a significant step towards a cleaner, healthier Malta.

Recycle Batteries, Help Hospice!

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