Buying in Bulk
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GreenPak acknowledge how tricky reducing your packaging waste can be, considering the amount of packaging that most products are sold in. Sadly, a lot of the plastic we dispose of ends up in our oceans, while harmful chemicals certain types of packaging contain leach into our soil and water.
Buying in bulk is therefore the way forward. Since creating packaging requires resources and costs money, buying in bulk eliminates the need for excessive packaging, making it the cheaper, environmentally-friendly solution to the waste problem we have in Malta, before resorting to recycling.
GreenPak’s list of products that can be bought in bulk

There are many ways you can buy in bulk to save money and reduce packaging. Purchasing food such as coffee, oatmeal, dried herbs and pasta in bulk, is not only cost effective, but also much better for the environment as it saves on a lot of material such as plastic and foil packaging. Going to wholesalers can also save you tons of money because you are purchase much larger amounts of the same products.
Personal care products
Why buy four soaps in four different packages when you can buy four in one package? Choosing to purchase the larger container of shampoo and the bigger pack of toilet paper saves you money and reduces plastic waste. Moreover, rather than buying a plastic soap dispenser every time one runs out, you could buy a nice, refillable one from a home store and a big container or soap to refill as needed.
Cleaning supplies
Similarly, buying bigger containers of detergents, products which concentrate more product in less space, as well as refill packs instead of buying a brand new product every time you need it will save you money and produce less packaging waste.
Say goodbye to flimsy plastic and foil packaging that are thrown away the moment the product is used, which eventually ends up in overflowing landfills or the sea. Remember to only resort to recycling as the last step - once a product can’t be reused any longer.

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