Recycle at Home
during COVID-19
Due to COVID-19 lockdown millions of people are at home now and the increase of packaging in their homes is stacking up. We have put together some helpful tips to ensure we all continue to reuse and recycle our packaging.
During these unprecedented days, we have been told to stay at home and use delivery services as much as possible. With non-essential shops closed, we are buying more online.
Our homes are ending up with more packaging. But that is no problem. It is a reason to recycle more. GreenPak has prepared these tips on reusing cardboard packaging in your home for an eco-friendly environment.
Before sending your materials for recycling, it is always a good idea to check if there is anything you can reuse and create something new. Here are some ideas.
Even in this unprecedented time, GreenPak’s recycling collections and schedules haven’t been changed. GreenPak remains operating as usual. Due to online orders, we are collecting more packaging. Help us tackle these quantities by:
1. Make recycling easy and accessible for each family member. Keep it simple by sticking labels on your recycling containers. Adopt an easy routine for emptying trash and recycling. Make it a habit.
2. Follow the collection schedule of your locality for taking them out on time. GreenPak’s collection is found here. Print out the schedule.
3. Dedicate a spot for your recycling centre. It can be anywhere inside or on the outside of your house like in the balcony or backyard.
4. Consider smaller containers. They look better and save plenty of space. The big recyclables can be stored in bigger containers, placed in your garage, next to your old clothes and toys donations.
5. Recycle anytime, anywhere. Visit to find the closest nearest recycling bin.
1. SPACE-SAVING TIPS FOR CARDBOARD RECYCLING Flatten any cardboard boxes and find a dry place for them to store.
2. Store them in your garage, or even on top of your wardrobe if you are low on space.
3. Collect and put your magazines & catalogues, telephone books, direct mail, brochures, pamphlets & booklets in a box
4. Recycle anytime, anywhere. Visit to find the closest nearest recycling bin.
1. Crush plastic bottles or containers. Best way to stand on them!
2. Store small glass bottles & jars in bigger ones, ex. a beer bottle inside a jam jar. Do your best not to break glass items. It would be a shame if you injure yourself when taking them out for collection of placing them in the iBiN! Check the glass collection schedule here.
3. Put smaller cans into larger ones to save space.
4. Recycle anytime, anywhere. Visit to find the closest nearest recycling bin.
The situation is challenging. Keep yourself updated by:
• Regularly check out our Facebook pages & websites
• Don’t take clothes and other items to charities without checking if they are open and don’t leave them on charity shops doorsteps.
• Always try to reuse items before disposing of them. Plastic tubs can be used to store leftovers in the freezer. Old sheets and towels can be cut into pieces and turned into polishing cloths or dusters.
• If you are in quarantine or feeling sick put any possible infected items such as tissues, cleaning cloths into a separate bag. You should put this bag aside for at least 3 days before putting them in the main waste bag.
• Don’t burn your waste. Low temperature burning creates harmful air pollution besides creating a fire hazard inside your home.
• Always wash your hands regularly. Follow the hygiene rules when handling your rubbish.
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