Crush it with GreenPak!
Be one of our €100 daily winners
As part of GreenPak’s mission to reduce the excessive amount of plastic irresponsibly dumped into Malta’s streets, landfills and sea, we are offering you the chance of winning €100 daily, with our Crush & Win Campaign!
When thrown away uncrushed, empty plastic bottles and containers take up unnecessary space in bins and landfills. Therefore, crushing them before dumping them in recycling bags or bins, optimises space and allows for the maximum amount of plastic to be recycled.
For our mission to be successful, we need everyone to take action and do their part. Participating in the campaign is simple, all you need to do is write your telephone number in permanent marker on any type of plastic bottle or container. It could be any bottle or container, including empty detergent bottles you have at home or happen to find outside. Then, simply crush it and dispose of it in one of GreenPak’s blue recycling bins which can be found at various locations around Malta.
The campaign will run every day, for the entire year. GreenPak will select one of the discarded plastic items and contact the winner to collect the €100 in cash.

So, if you would like to kill two birds with one stone by reducing the amount of discarded plastic waste and being in the chance of winning €100 daily, follow these three simple steps:
1. Write your phone number on the plastic bottle/container in permanent marker
2. Crush it as much as possible!
3.Dispose of your bottle/container in the blue bin at any of GreenPak’s bring-in sites 

Remember, the more plastic bottles or containers you crush and dispose of, the higher the chances of winning!
May the odds be ever in your favour!
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