The Importance of Recycling
Fighting Against Global Warming
From the world's most prominent scientists to celebrity activists, global warming is one of the most spoken-about environmental topics. What isn't so widely known, though, is that recycling can be a key weapon in the fight against global warming. GreenPak - operators of recycling in Malta - discuss the various ways recycling can help combat global warming:
1. Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Globally, landfills account for double the carbon dioxide emissions produced by air travel worldwide. Every two tons of waste we prevent from going to a landfill is equivalent to taking one car off the road for a year! Breathe, breathe in the air!
2. Reduces Deforestation
Trees play a critical role in absorbing the greenhouse gases that contribute greatly to global warming, which is why GreenPak encourages tree preservation by recycling. Fun fact: recycling one ton of paper saves 17 trees from being cut down!
Studies show that deforestation and landfills account for about 25% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions annually, a figure which can be greatly reduced by doing our part and recycling.
3. Saves Energy
It almost always takes less energy to make a product from recycled materials than it does to make it from new materials. Let’s take aluminium as an example: using recycled aluminium scrap to make new aluminium cans uses 95% less energy than it does from the raw material used to make aluminium.
Another great example is paper, which is the 5th largest industrial energy consumer worldwide. Production of recycled paper uses 65% less energy than paper production using raw materials.
4. Saves Water
Production of recycled paper uses 80% less water than paper production using raw materials, reducing methane and nitrous oxide emitted during wastewater treatment, and therefore, greenhouse gas emissions!
Reusing and then recycling waste products are crucial steps in saving energy and natural resources, which help to reduce carbon emissions that contribute to global warming.
At GreenPak Malta, we are dedicated to reducing the negative impact we have on the environment through educational campaigns and schemes for battery and bottle recycling in Malta.

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