Repurpose Used Items
Giving Life to Used & Unwanted Items
As the name implies, repurposing is all about finding a new purpose for items you no longer need or use. With a little creativity and inspiration, you may be surprised at how a particular object that has been lying around or waiting to be thrown away can be transformed into something useful and visually-appealing.
Here are a few household objects you could transform with little money and effort:
1. Turn an old ladder into a bookshelf

Got a small, old, wooden ladder you no longer use? Add a unique conversation piece to your room by turning it into a bookshelf, with the ladder’s steps to serve as shelving. Apart looking cool, the good thing about this piece is that it's light and easy to move around.
You would first need to sand it to remove any old paint on it. If necessary, add some wood support underneath each step. For a finishing touch, coat the ladder with a layer of varnish or paint of your choice. Don’t be afraid to go bold! 

2. Turn a lightbulb into a…

Once your lightbulb has burned out, don’t rush to throw it away, give it new life instead! After removing the inside parts of the lightbulb in a safe manner (by wearing glasses or goggles while following online instructions), choose one of these upcycling DIY projects.
a. Lightbulb vase

Bring elements of nature into your home by creating one of these lightbulb vases. Simply insert an artificial flower. Once done, it's up to you whether to hang it or simply display it. Either way, it will add a unique, industrial touch to your room.  
b. Storage bulb

Fill the bulb with colourful paper clips or any other item of your choice and inject some colour into your new, repurposed lightbulb.

3. Turn old wooden crates into bathroom storage shelves

Create a clutter-free space by putting all your odds and ends such as bottles and candles in one place. Creating bathroom storage shelves using your old wooden crates not only has a functional purpose, but also adds a cosy touch to the room. And the good part is that since you can make it yourself, you can customise its shape and height. Finish it all off by rolling towels up like you would find at a 5-star hotel. There are plenty of DIY ideas for repurposing and upcycling ideas online

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