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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas
Before you start making a mental note of the perfect card and gift you want to pick up on Valentine’s Day, why not consider how your gifts could be eco-friendly?

With Valentine’s Day gaining popularity from one year to the next, it’s easy to get carried away into all the love-themed consumerism that often leads to unnecessary waste.
That’s why our team at GreenPak have decided to come up with a collection of ideas of V-Day gifts that are not only heart-warming and say “I love you” but equally say “I also love this planet.”
1. DIY Cards Made from Recycled Materials

Greeting cards are incredibly popular for Valentine’s Day, and while they can be great to receive, sadly, they often eventually end up in the bin at some point in the future. So rather than spending an unnecessary €5-€10 on the perfect card, rummage through your own recycling bin, junk drawers, craft bucket and anywhere else you keep extra things to make your own DIY cards.
Chances are, if you make a beautiful card that visibly shows off the time and effort you put into its creation, your recipient will be far more likely to treasure it and far less likely to throw it.
2. Flowering houseplants

Sure a bouquet of flowers is something that’s beautiful to look at and smell! And everyone knows that Valentine’s Day is a big day for flower shops. But you’ll be lucky if that expensive bouquet of roses you’ll end up buying lasts up to a week. So why not opt for the alternative, and go for a beautiful flowering houseplant?
3. Green Gadgets

If giving additional gifts is your style, then source carefully. Thanks to the ubiquity of smartphone technology, there’s really a little bit of gadget geek in every person. From portable solar charging systems to electric bicycles, there really is something for everyone!
An eco-friendly Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean giving gifts that are less impressive than the usual, run-of-the-mill gifts that are typically given on this day.
All the extra research, planning and creativity that went into choosing it will probably be more appreciated. With these eco-friendly Valentine gift ideas, you’ll be sure to impress your Valentine, while simultaneously doing your part to help protect the planet. So, make your Valentine's Day as green and eco-friendly as possible this year!
For further tips on how to be environmentally conscious visit our GreenPak website or contact us for more information!
And don’t forget, just because you’re showing love to your Valentine on V-Day, it doesn’t mean you cannot extend that love towards the environment. Remember our Crush & Win Campaign; where you can not only learn and practise responsible usage of plastic but win cash in the process of doing so!
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