Better Glass Recycling
Recycle, anytime, anywhere

Glass bottles and jars will only be collected in reusable containers, such as those provided by Wasteserv. As from the next door-to-door glass collection due Friday 4th September, glass items placed in cardboard boxes, plastic bags or paper bags will not be collected.
Glass recycling is vastly improved when the glass is not mixed with other stuff.
Recycle glass to save energy
You might be thinking to yourself, if I dispose of my glass properly in reusable containers, and make sure to take out it at the right time, will it make a difference?
Yes! Yes! and again s! And you can be the one how makes a real change for our beautiful islands. Recycling glass, rather than producing from raw materials, saves 60% energy since glass melts at a lower temperature than the raw material.
Recycle glass to save our beaches
Recycling 1 tonne of glass saves 650kg of natural sand. Though sand seems like an endless resource anytime you head to the beach think of the sand being lost to make glass. Every year, over 50 billion tonnes of sand is used – and that is more than all the sand in the Maltese Islands!! Desert sand is not used to produce glass due to its different microscopic properties. level due to erosion.
Recycle glass forever
Glass recycles endlessly without losing quality or purity (if not mixed with other stuff!). A recycled glass bottle is no less durable than one made of raw materials.
So, is it still worth it to you to recycle your glass? If you enjoy your summer beach vacation, you should think so.
Glass bottles and jars can be disposed in the brown iBiNs at any time of the day – or night! Find the nearest one here 
Recycle, anytime, anywhere
There’s no excuse for not to recycle as GreenPak does everything to make it easy for you. We developed a web app that points you to the nearest available iBiNs, and lets you recycle anytime, anywhere. The web app is extremely easy to use. Just visit (no download necessary). Click on the brown iBiN and the app will point you to the closest iBiN. If the closest iBiN is full, the app will direct you to the nearest free bin via a Google Map interface.

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