GreenPak COOP & Naxxar Local Council
Joint statement

Joint statement by GreenPak COOP & Naxxar Local Council

With the introduction of bring-in-sites, fitted with iBiNs, the Naxxar community has seen an improvement in the recyclable waste collection system. These iBiNs, fitted with smart technology enable citizens in real-time 24/7 to identify the nearest available iBiN to dispose of their recyclable material through the iBiN Web App.

The project has brought a number of benefits ranging from social benefits with improved sanitation and well-being, environmental benefits due to reduction in the carbon footprint, and a reduction in waste collection costs, resulting in economic benefits.

Monitoring of iBiN sites due to illegal dumping required the installation of CCTVs and through the collaboration and efforts of LESA, both parties have seen a reduction in illegal dumping and improvement in people’s behaviour when disposing of waste.

The sustainability of the project results mainly from the long-term interest shown by the municipality and the willingness of the residents to make a big difference and have a better environment.

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