• “We need to recycle more and even more. We are urging the public to crush their empty plastic bottles for recycling and stop contributing to plastic waste,” said GreenPak’s CEO Ing Mario Schembri.
  • If you are new to recycling, or are unsure about some of the issues involved, or are just wondering whether it is worth all the effort - we've compiled this list of 10 reasons why you should recycle.
  • Used batteries which are disposed of incorrectly can cause serious damage to the environment. Therefore batteries should be disposed of correctly and safely.
  • GreenPak Coop Society is asking consumers to crush empty plastic bottles for recycling.
  • Some of Malta's best known TV personalities have linked up with GreenPak in a campaign aimed at crushing and recycling plastic bottles.
  • Well-designed recycling programmes generate significant results.
  • The first collection points for recycling of used batteries as part of a national battery collection campaign called BATREE are now in place.
  • Under the patronage of the President of Malta, GreenPak collects plastic caps for recycling in aid of the Malta Community Chest Fund (MCCF). The more plastic caps collected, the more the donation for Istrina!
  • Collecting plastic caps of bottled water, soft drinks, jerry cans, detergent bottles and other plastic tops is a relatively easy way how one can generate more money for l-Istrina 2017.
  • By the end of 2017, GreenPak Coop Society is aiming to reach the EU’s 45% collection target for Malta.
  • It's very simple to join GreenPak's Waste Packaging or WEEE Compliance Schemes
  • WEEE Recycle, so you don't have to
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