The Green Dot™ Mark

GreenPakLogo The Green Dot™ symbol is the most widely used trademark in the world. It is used on more than 460 billion packaged items and Green Dot Malta Ltd. is the Principal Licensee of the Green Dot™ in the Maltese territory.

The Green Dot™ service mark implies an inherent obligation of compliance with local and EU regulations on packaging recycling.

Any company trading products with the mark but not fulfilling the legal requirements, risks legal proceedings being taken against it as through its actions, such a company would be severely exposing the market to disrepute.

Imported Products

Any products imported from the EU bearing the mark Green Dot™ on their packaging can be freely traded and used in Malta without the need to pay any royalties, provided the company trading such products can demonstrate that royalties for the mark have initially been paid.

Any products imported from outside the EU bearing the mark Green Dot™ on their packaging need to register such products with Green Dot Malta Limited in its capacity as sub-licensee of the mark and, if necessary, pay royalties for its use in Malta.

Locally Produced Products

Any local manufacturer who uses packaging bearing the mark Green Dot™ has to pay the respective trademark royalties.

In placing the Green Dot mark on a package, the company trading that product is in effect, making a statement to the consumer that it is financing the recovery and recycling of packaging waste. Companies that make no financial contribution for the recovery of their packaging but still 'claim' that they are doing so by trading products that carry the Green Dot mark are deceiving consumers. Known in the industry as 'free riders', such companies not only bring a distortion in competition, but are damaging the Maltese environment.

The Consumer

Consumers purchasing goods marked with the Green Dot™  must therefore, be confident that such packaging is fulfilling the recycling obligations. For this purpose, GreenPak issues Recycling Certificates to each company on its scheme. Consumers may ask to be shown a copy of this Recycling Certificate from any outlet selling products that are marked with the Green Dot™.

If in doubt about authenticity of any certificate, consumers are advised to take note of the membership number that appears on it and contact us right away.


Guidelines of how the Green Dot™ should appear on packaging can be downloaded from here