GreenPak Holds WEEE innformation session
at the Chamber
GreenPak in collaboration with the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry on the 22nd July organized an information session with regards to changes in the Eco-contribution system and the WEEE Directive.
The event was chaired by the Director General of the Chamber, Mr Kevin Borg who, in his opening remarks commented that the Malta Chamber had welcomed the decision by the authorities to reform the current eco- contribution system and had constantly advocated such a reform since 2007.
MEPA officials, Mr Darren Cordina and Mr Kevin Mercieca explained that the EEE schedules in the Eco Contribution Act will be removed as from the 1st September 2015 which will mean that eco contribution on electrical and electronic equipment will no longer have to be paid. Instead companies which put EEE products on the Maltese market are expected to either join an authorised waste management scheme or show concrete plans of self-compliance by the end of August and notify the competent authority (MEPA) accordingly.
Following this cut-off date companies or their authorised representatives who fail to apply for registration/renewal shall on conviction be liable to a fine of €750 per tonne of EEE placed on the market until registration/renewal is undertaken. This fine shall be chargeable to defaulters as from the 1st September 2015.
Ing. Mario Schembri, CEO of Green Pak Coop Society Ltd, then gave a presentation in which he explained that GreenPak has, since 2005, assisted hundreds of organizations meet their legal liabilities with regards to the Waste Packaging Regulations. Drawing from this extensive experience ,the Co-operative has now also established a WEEE Compliance Scheme to assisit organisations meet their legal liabilities under the WEEE regulations. He added that by joining GreenPak’ s WEEE Recycle Compliance Scheme, the obligations under the aforementioned WEEE legislation will be removed, hefty fines will be avoided and the need to set-up financial guarantees as required by law will be negated.
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