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Here at GreenPak, we’re incessantly looking for ways in which to educate the general public about the importance of conserving the environment through the process of recycling. In light of this, we wanted to provide our loyal readers with a reminder of a couple of the main events that promote our cause.

Talks & Information Booth

While recycling has been happening for decades, it’s always good to inform people about both the process and how it could be improved, both at home as well as in the workplace. Every so often, talks about recycling are organised and in conjunction to this, an information booth is also set up at various events.

ikla Għall-Istrina

As you probably already heard. GreenPak has a very well-known nationwide campaign called “Nirriċikla Għall-Istrina”, a campaign we’ve been carrying out for the past 7 years. As the name of the campaign implies, the main aim of the campaign, is to collect funds for Istrina. Plastic caps are collected and sent for recycling, and in return at the end of the year, we give a donation to the Malta Community Chest Fund through Istrina. Last year we donated a whopping €20,000!
Plastic caps which may be collected include the following:
- Water plastic caps
- Soft drinks plastic caps
- Jerry can plastic caps
- Any other plastic caps that do not have foil or cardboard underneath the cap itself

While previously this campaign was promoted solely in schools, as of last year, we’ve introduced it to companies and Local Councils. If you’re a company that hasn’t signed up for this initiative but are interested, you can simply register with us and pay a registration fee, which will also go towards the Malta Community Chest Fund.
Companies that register, will automatically be competing with other registered companies and the company who collects the largest number of caps prior to Istrina, will be awarded by HE the President of Malta. All companies who participate, will be given a participation certificate provided by GreenPak including the number of plastic caps collected. For more information about this great initiative, follow this link for further details.
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