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Why Should I Recycle?

 Despite the increased importance given to recycling, a lot of people still don't recycle. If you are new to recycling, or are unsure about some of the issues involved, or are just wondering whether it is worth all the effort — we've compiled this list of 10 reasons why you should recycle.


1. Rubbish that is not recycled will either wind up in a common landfill or will harm the environment in some way or another. The more waste that is recycled, the less damage is done to our planet.

2. Everyone benefits through recycling. The environment and decreasing the effects of global warming and even businesses and industries. This is because recycling conserves energy. It's cheaper to work with raw materials from recycled waste than it is to extract them from scratch.

3. Recycling is a global effort. It's not just a national issue but it's a worldwide issue. If we don't recycle, we'll wind up with no space to dump our waste and cause serious environmental damage.

4. About 3/4 of your household waste can be recycled. This number can increase due to demand. If companies see that there's an interest in recycling, then they'll use recyclable materials.

5. Waste that isn't recycled is causing serious damage to our environment and in turn, our health. It isn't something that only environmentalists and 'hippies' should be doing-it's something we can and should all be doing. The more people do it, the bigger difference it can make.

6. It sends a message to big politicians and leaders. If an interest is shown, then more action will be taken by the people in charge.

7. Recycling is FREE. It doesn't cost a cent for you to put your rubbish in one bag rather than another.

8. Rubbish is contaminating our natural wonders. The sea and wildlife, in general, has become a dumping ground. This will eventually seep into our food chain and cause even more health damage.

9. The resources needed to produce synthetic materials are finishing. Non-renewable resources, such as oil, are used to produce materials like plastic.

10. You can cut down on the waste you produce by purchasing products with less packaging.

These are just a few reasons as to why you should recycle but the list goes on and on. For more information about recycling tips and tricks, contact us at GreenPak.

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